About Us


AIB - Through our ASFL License holder, are members of Steadfast Broker Network.

Steadfast is a 280-strong insurance broker network, represented by over 430 offices across Australia and New Zealand. Steadfast place $4.1 billion* in insurance sales annually, and service over 1 million customers. A Steadfast Broker puts this strength to work for every customer, every policy and every claim.

The size of the Steadfast powerhouse allows us to work with more than 150 insurers from the big names to the small specialists. Steadfast have a place at the table with the major insurers and you can be sure they’re listening to our feedback about customer and market conditions.

Steadfast don’t just accept standard off-the-shelf products. Steadfast Brokers have a range of exclusively negotiated policies, built specifically for them, by our insurer partners, bringing you exceptional coverage and choice for your business and lifestyle.